Emotional Relief Specialist

New Decision Therapy

An alternative to psychotherapy was created by Kandis Blakely MFCC, a licensed psychotherapist, registered nutritionist and author. Her work inspired by Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond and Chiropractor Dr. Goodheart, a key in the development of Kinesiology (muscle testing). A way to use the bodies intelligence to identify factors impacting our well-being. Her book “Your Body Remembers” invites us to reclaim our life force by eliminating energetic blockages stored in the body. It is highly effective and learnable technique that helps you safely access deeply buried issues which have remained hidden in the unconscious.

What is NDT™

New Decision TherapyTM Identifies and clears core issues to help you quickly and efficiently resolve, painful emotions that were linked to the unresolved incidents of your past. Resulting in relief, forgiveness, understanding, and letting go of repressed anger, guilt, and regret to love and acceptance. 

Mirror mirror pic by vladmir fedotov on unsplash
What to Expect

The Technique

Using kinesiology and a mirror, you are guided through a sequence of prompts to clear energetic blockages.

We call this F.U.L.L.– ness.

  • Forgiveness

  • Understanding

  • Letting Go

  • Love and Acceptance

Through the process, the subconscious mind can release blockages that interfere with living a full life. Within just a few sessions, the ability to step into a more authentic expression of who you wish to be.  

Individual Session

90 min. - One on One
$ 275
Sliding Scale Options
  • A customized session to clear blockages.
  • A personalized protocol to follow.
  • A follow up 15-30 min. integration call.
  • Individualized resources to compliment your session.


Mindset Rest - Personalized Multi-Session Deals
Using RTT, NDT & Heartmath
  • Multiple Sessions to dive deep & reset.
  • Personalized guided healing meditation / hypnosis recording.
  • Priority emergency call & follow up integration calls.
  • Individualized resources to compliment your session.

Connecting deeply and releasing:

  • Denial clearing this is done to process the information stuck in the body and held by the unconscious mind.
  • Mirror work is done to connect easily and powerfully, bringing forward what is associated with the root cause of current physical and emotional challenges, patterns of negative behaviour and feelings of depression, unhappiness etc.. When we look into a mirror we are brought face to face with our truth.
  • Affirmations are used as: Thought = Word = Action. Words have energy that create vibration, profoundly affecting our thoughts and the body at a deep cellular level. Self-affirming words said out loud activate the life force energy of the thymus gland thus fortifying your entire immune system.
  • This unique combination activates F.U.L.L-ness , Forgiveness, Understanding, Letting Go, Love & Acceptance.


“Your body is a memory bank. All of your experiences are stored there. There is a therapeutic technique that decodes cell memory. It is New Decision Therapy™ .” – Kandis Blakely